Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

How To Use A Paper Towel


Joe Smith promised his audience would never forget the mantra, "Shake! Fold!" But I had other reasons to test his method. Mr. Smith had caused me to reflect.

I recollected learning the importance of personal hygiene from my parents—one of many reasons I am grateful to them. (Thanks, Mom and Dad!) I also recalled articles about wintertime hand-washing to prevent sickness. Additionally, I remembered care providers describing intentionally obsessive hand-washing habits in hospital and clinic settings.

But I could not recall a single discussion, article, or paper-towel-hand-drying-experience involving the use of just one. All this provided an overwhelming personal incentive to test this method.

On a grander scale, this seemed the least I could do personally to reduce paper waste.


I am happy to report my test results support Joe Smith's method. And, I might add, my test conditions did not provide the benefit of "interstitial suspension."


The most impressive aspect of this method is its simplicity. This infinitesimal lifestyle change offers tremendous benefits. Indeed, this is “brilliant.”

For all these reasons, I will remember Joe Smith's hand-drying method.


  • In what condition do you want to leave the world for the next generation?
  • Do you aspire to improve our world during your lifetime?
  • What task would you recommend?
  • Is this task similar in simplicity to Joe Smith's method?

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