Camden, New Jersey

Camden, New Jersey

America’s poorest city struggles with crime, violence
March 7, 2013

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Le Marauder
Fran├žois Barraud (1899–1934)
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Is Camden really like this?

I attended Rutgers School of Law—Camden, and I clerked for a criminal court judge in Camden.

To truly begin addressing Camden's many problems, one must understand it is a city of many contradictions.

People in Camden need help. But the people I have met distrusted any hint of benevolence.

Many people in Camden did not complete high school. Despite opportunities for further education, only a few people have embraced them.

In a city where the poor steal from the destitute, where people shun gainful employment because it means loss of Medicaid, and where rodents feast while people live in poverty, is it any surprise that local leaders are running in a hamster wheel? Under these circumstances, one can easily become jaded by Camden's daily vagaries.

Yes, Camden is really like this.

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