Bail, New Jersey Constitution Article I, Paragraph 11

By Daniel Schwen (Own work)
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Bail - An Individual's Right in New Jersey

The court adjourned an August 15, 2012, bail hearing for Antoinette Pelzer, charged with stabbing two tourists to death in Atlantic City, New Jersey, according to

The Philadelphian who has frowned, laughed, and exhibited other uncommon behaviors previously in court allegedly used a 12-inch butcher knife in the incident, according to

Pelzer's bail is $1.5 million, reported.

Bail Factors

Following arrest, regaining freedom occupies an individual's mind. "All persons shall, before conviction, be bailable by sufficient sureties, except for capital offenses when the proof is evident or presumption great." N.J. Const. art. I, ‎¶‎ 11.

New Jersey Courts review the following when considering bail:
  • This Situation's Seriousness
  • Criminal History
  • Character
  • Length of Residence in Community
  • Family Ties and Relationships
  • Employment History
  • Responsible Community Members Vouching For A Defendant's Reliability

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