Pretrial Intervention--Legal Criteria to Consider

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Nineteen year old Michael Conway will apply for Pretrial Intervention. The July 3, 2012, Daily Record reported that the State charged Conway with providing false information to police. When police questioned Conway, the Morristown teenager allegedly denied personal knowledge about a robbery involving Lennon Baldwin. But it seems police later obtained evidence to the contrary. Following the robbery, Baldwin committed suicide. Conway has graduated from Morristown High School.

Successful completion of PTI depends on a variety of factors. First, applicants must exhibit amenability to correction. Next, participants must render responsiveness to ‎rehabilitation. Furthermore, the nature of the offense charged may disqualify willing applicants. Finally, successful PTI is based on a relationship of trust between the applicant and PTI ‎staff.

Some more concrete criteria include, but are not limited to: ‎

1. the offense;
2. the particular facts;
3. the applicant’s age and motive for the crime;
4. the victim’s ‎dispensation with prosecution;
5. the victim’s and society’s needs and interests;
6. the applicant's prior record;
7. ‎whether prosecution would make the problem ‎worse;
8. history of violence to others; and
9. involvement with organized crime.

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