“You The Juror” -- Jury Duty in New Jersey

Not Just Another Day

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Trial By Jury
(or Laying Down The Law)
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Earlier this week I went to court. “Mike,” one may wonder. “Is this different from any other day?”

I noticed, while standing outside the Jury Orientation Room, many among the hundreds assembled had found seats.

But a substantial number in the crowded room were standing.

Court staff were not playing the New Jersey Judiciary Orientation Video. Instead, a single staff member addressed the group in the orientation area. She did not have a microphone or amplification equipment.

Confusion Breeds Contempt

Observing all this, I wondered whether the speaker was aware of a simple truth: jurors feel nervous about jury duty.

Before orientation, various questions occupy one's thoughts. Without knowing what will take place in the court, the fears may appear the evening before jury service begins. Interruptions to one's ordinary routine may increase the anxiety. One's commute may cause unwelcome confusion. None of these emotions, however, dissipate upon setting foot in the courthouse.

Without belaboring the point, trial-by-jury is not supposed to be a dog-and-pony show. I trust the court is working with all deliberate speed to fix the malfunctioning audio-video system. I expect court staff would prefer these things not break. Indeed, without knowing the nature and extent of the cause of the technical problem, I cannot attribute any shortcomings to this branch of government or its employees.

It is easy, however, for me to judge the circumstances this way. I do not know the cause of the technical failures. Similarly, I do not know the impression the judiciary left on the individuals who had been summoned for jury duty. This illustrates the difference between common sense and speculation.

The New Jersey Judiciary Juror Orientation Videos

New Jersey Judiciary Juror Orientation Video Part 1.

First half of instructional video for those called for jury duty.

New Jersey Judiciary Juror Orientation Video Part 2.

Second half of instructional video for those called for jury duty.

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